1 : It’s Jeremy, Richard, and James.

I know this seems totally obvious, but honestly apart from other content creators, I haven’t really seen any sort of recognition online that these three will NOT just make another shit website. They have so much money backing DRIVETRIBE (and personally they are pretty OK financially from that old car show they worked on) that this is not going to be some money-grubbing, same-old, BS website that simply rips off other people’s work and profits from it as a lazy aggregator. This is not going to be Reddit for cars. Here’s why:

2 : The rest of the team is fantastic.

Here’s the thing – Top Gear’s audience of hundred’s of millions of car fans included thousands of hugely talented people that were absolutely tripping over themselves to update their resume when Jeremy assaulted that producer. Yes it was a dumb move on his part, but he paid the price in getting sacked, and when the dust settled, it changed nothing in terms of how desirable it is to have the chance to work with him and his two pals. Just think about the idea that they have basically been able to choose exactly who they want to run the different aspects of DRIVETRIBE, and then take a peek on LinkedIn and actually see who they are.

From the top down, they have a boss of a CEO versed in exciting new startups, a CFO who was poached from Swiftkey (you know that company that changed the way half the world writes with their phones and tablets), and guys like Ben Pulman heading the editorial team who has been among those leading European automotive journalism for years. Jethro Bovingdon of EVO fame, countless other professionals of the same experience, and of course, and army of independent car media producers like myself. It’s going to work, and it’s going to work very well.

3 : They aren’t going to make content creators eat shit.

You’ve got to think of DRIVETRIBE as less of a website, and more of a platform. And I don’t only refer to a platform for people who create great car content to be found and appreciated, but the actual build of the .com to be something akin to TWITCH for driving enthusiasts. They are aiming to not only give creatives a direct line to be seen by millions and “appreciated” with exposure. They are aiming to GET PEOPLE PAID for their work – so that they can make MORE amazing car media.

They simply believe that automotive content is the best content, which is something we can all agree on. The thing is, they know more than anyone in the world just how time consuming and expensive it can be to make great stuff, and thus understand the need to PAY THE CONTENT CREATORS.

 4 : Specific not general

 5 : Unlike YouTube, you actually have a chance to make a livable wage from car content with DRIVETRIBE.

See, YouTube is pretty much the most incredible thing to happen to entertainment and (some would argue) a sort of global education of the masses in all sorts of areas. Literally any area of interest we can imagine as a global mass of creative energy. It’s utterly brilliant. That does not mean you can get anything but a pittance of a wage for your work, along with that all-time-favorite that creatives just LOVE, exposure.

Look at the guys out there busting their balls to make consistently (very) watchable content for us car fans. From The Smoking Tire to Regular Car Reviews, to legends like Chris Harris and his videographer Neil (who have actually gone on to some pretty exciting stuff).  They have slogged it out on YouTube for years creating amazing FREE media for cars fans like you and I to relax and enjoy wherever we are on our mobile devices or even the telly at home.

It’s SO great for consumers of media, with YouTube apps integrated into every device on the planet, but for the content creators it is simply an abysmal level of pay. A pathetic cut of the advertising revenue (If you are unfamiliar with the process, YouTube serves ads onto our “shows” at any point - sometimes self determined – during the playback of that media) only makes it viable as a livable wage when your fans are in the MILLIONS. And that is incredibly hard to achieve.

·      6 : DRIVETRIBE will have REAL PEOPLE supporting you and the way you choose to run your tribe.

You may not be aware (possibly, maybe?) that YouTube has a lot of problems. A LOT of problems. It kind of comes with the territory of being one of the most massive and expanding libraries of content anywhere on the internet. So it’s rather understandable, but still extraordinarily frustrating for all the creative people uploading and hosting their work (and communities!) on YouTube.

I’m not a YouTube expert. I watch stuff of course, but haven’t created for the platform (solely working as a photographer to this point meant it just wasn’t the place for my skills). But just watch any of these hugely successful YouTube artists vent about the problems and you will quickly get a very clear picture of what a hot mess it is ‘behind the curtain’ so to speak. It’s not somewhere I would want to be investing in building a community or a brand. But DRIVETRIBE certainly is.




·      7 : We don’t know how DRIVETRIBE will pay its content creators, but we know they will pay them more than YouTube.

They are keeping this new platform under a very tight wrap at the moment, but comparisons keep being drawn to TWITCH, where gamers stream their online conquests to millions of fans that love to come along for the ride, watch what they do, and directly support the people entertaining them. Twitch takes a cut, keeps the servers running, and makes a tidy profit – but the content creator gets PAID. There are countless examples of people making an actual living from TWITCH, and I believe that while not on the same level initially, that DRIVETRIBE can absolutely succeed in providing independent producers of automotive media with a sustainable, livable wage.

We know the trio sure as shit aren’t doing this to make more money. We know DRIVETRIBE has had $12m+ in their first round of funding. We know they are not some two-bit aggregator BS website setting out to merely collect and distribute content and get rich off of it. We know their goal is to help car fans produce and consume original, quality automotive media in a single, giant community formed of specialist tribes. They care about having a non-buzzfeed level of content. A lot. 

·      8 :  

·      9 :


Seriously now, let that sink in. You can be as cynical as you want about the “you we will be working alongside the trio on equal standing on DRIVETRIBE” stuff. But if you are serious about wanting to make it in the automotive media some day, you cannot afford to miscomprehend this situation – nay, this opportunity. I really believe this is a once in a lifetime chance for people like myself, and I’m incredibly excited about grabbing it with both hands.

Put yourself in their shoes (oh god, so comfy) for a minute. You are an absolute baller in the automotive industry, have stacks of cash and total freedom to do whatever you like. So you do a deal with Amazon on The Grand Tour that enables you (with a quadrupled budget compared to the BBC days) to not only employ all the people you worked with that you want to stick by you, but a whole host of NEW people that you discover in the next years. You have the TV show as the enormous new focus in your life, but once filming wraps and the hard work of editing begins, you need another creative outlet and time waster to entertain yourself. Obviously that is going to be DRIVETRIBE, but here’s the thing:


The trio will know who you are. Do you even.. just.. look I’m sure it’s different for everyone out there but if you told me last year that I could simply hit a few buttons to upload something online and JEREMY CLARKSON, RICHARD HAMMOND, AND JAMES MAY would read it? Dead set, I would have weed in my pants a little bit. I mean holy shit, if you are a content creator in the automotive world then get EXCITED about DRIVETRIBE.

Although writing isn’t my game, you can probably tell by now that I am properly ready to see just what the team there have in store for people like me. I’m a car photographer by trade, shooting rare and special cars for collectors, traders, and private individuals – but I’m going to push myself way out of my comfort zone for this opportunity. As absurd as it may sound to everyone I know, I want to get out of strictly photography and move into video. Not filming it but actually having a crack at what the trio do – presenting.

I’m going to go from filming the SINGLE movie shown below, to making a movie every day for a year - from the very first day that DRIVETRIBE launches. For ***** sake follow me on Instagram or join the mailing list crew for the update on when it all kicks off. Cheers!