The community is the heart of The Whole Car, and when people nail a post to the forum with a great album and a superb write-up, I'm not going to mess with that trying to put my own spin on things. Instead, this post comes from /u/nluken, just as he wrote it.

The Lexus LFA is one of Toyota's greatest successes in the last few years, and was, to me, the beginning of their return to the enthusiast market (which would be continued with the GT-86). Only 500 were built, and out of those 500, 50 of them had the Nürburgring package.

For $445,000, those who bought the cars received training at the Green Hell itself, as well as a one year pass to the Nordschleife. The people who buy the car might need the training to use all the power this car makes. The LFA Nürburgring had a tuned version of the normal LFA's V10, putting out 563 bhp, 10 more than the normal LFA. The Nürburgring Package also included a stiffer suspension (why James May thinks that the Nürburgring ruins cars) and aerodynamic adjustments (including that rear spoiler).

I'm sure most of you know about the LFA, but Toyota's insane attention to detail is what really sets this car apart from its competition. Also the car looks incredible. If this is meant to compete with the beautiful 458, Toyota's designers have certainly done a great job in the looks department.

So, how did the LFA Nürburgring fair at the 'ring? 7:14.64, with a top speed of 181 mph on the Döttinger straight. The time was video confirmed, and as such, you can watch the whole thing now.. That time puts it in good company, ahead of the Enzo, Corvette ZR1, 2009 Viper ACR, 2011 GTR, and the Zonda F. Still behind the new GTR Nismo, though. Nissan is still the Japanese leader in Nürburg. But which car would you rather have?