If you haven't yet come across a TSOVET design, then we're glad to have brought the brand to your attention - and we apologize in advance for the hours you are about to lose browsing their full range after reading this piece. While not yet established enough to be considered a leader in their field, the brand is in it's sixth year of designing and crafting beautiful timepieces from their offices in California, and they are really hitting their stride. We have been following the brand for only half that time, but even in that period, the details in their designs and the quality of materials used have achieved an impressive maturity. When the opportunity came up to shoot the SVT-CN38 with its striking blue dial against a Gulf Blue GT40 (look out for that album to drop toward the end of the year) we thought you would enjoy the resulting images.

We know you guys care about the little things. That's why you keep coming back to us, to discover the details of remarkable cars and to get a better sense of the design and craftsmanship of these machines we obsess over. Watch addicts are the same. Get them started on their favourite timepieces and prepare to hear all about the intricate movements that power them, the craftsmanship and prestige involved in the brand, and the unique touches that separates one from another. Most people will switch off right around "intricate movements", because while watches may be a pleasant luxury to most of us, the prices of the pieces watch addicts fawn over can sometimes stretch into the obscene. Tens of thousands of dollars is not uncommon to see on price tags at the very high end of the market, and while they may be truly stunning designs, the price renders them largely irrelevant to 99% of potential buyers.

So it's quite an accomplishment for the SVT-CN38 to impress on so many levels, while retaining a scarcely believable $200 price tag. Take the genuine Italian leather strap for example. Vegetable-dyed and supple from the first wearing, it doesn't need time to break in and and it won't look worn out after a few months like other brands at this price that source cheap Asian-made straps. Then consider the case itself, modest in size at 38mm, it surrounds the dial in a way that just looks as feels "right" to us. Just like a timeless automotive design, we think the success here is all in the proportions. The size of the crown, to the strap, to the case, to the lettering and width of the hands on the dial. It all works together in a way that exudes the principles of clean Bauhaus design - but with a Californian twist.

You see, while simplicity and minimalism are cornerstones of the Bauhaus design language, they can tend to be a little understated, and even slightly feminine in the delicacy lent to the watches with these principles. Not so with the SVT-CN38. Seemingly aware of this, TSOVET manages to inject their own personality into this language, with a strong, slab-sided case exuding a more masculine look, and a range of colours that really make this watch pop (seriously, everyone notices and compliments the design). You may have noticed the slightly domed mineral crystal in the photos, it captures light and distorts it slightly around the edges which add a dynamic touch to the piece. Lastly, something that you may not have been able to discern from our images is the secondary lettering above the 6. While the branding itself is subtle (which we love) below the 12, the lettering at the bottom takes it to another level by using a blind deboss technique (no ink is used) to stamp the dial with the model, movement, and depth rating. Details like this show you just how obsessed TSOVET are about creating special timepieces for men that care about design and craftsmanship.

That's why we will continue to cover their growing range in the future, because we know that you value the same principles. The fact that you are getting in-house designs, built in California, with a Swiss quartz movement doesn't hurt either. Oh, did we mention the included 5-year warranty? In our opinion, that's incredible value for money.