I'm an Australian car photographer based in Wiltshire, England. I work with owners of very special, often obscure cars to photograph and film them in detail. My dream is to grow this site into an archive of the most interesting cars in the world. I hope you find a few here that you've never seen before.

Here's the first film Mattia Merli and I did in Italy so you can see what we’re all about:

Now once you've seen what’s new here, we've got a brilliant forum for you in our subreddit. Anyone can post their own high-quality albums of rare cars and share a bit of banter.  An ever-expanding and searchable archive for you to browse, contributed by some of the 20,000+ subscribers there. Cool little corner of the internet.

And hey, if you really do enjoy what I create, then by all means hire me! As long as you love your cars I would love to work with you. 

My international rate is simply 2x costs. Semi-local (Norway to Morocco) stuff WhatsApp me and pitch your content ideas, let me do the rest.

Text, photo, video, podcast, presenter bloke, sort your company out in a day, skype consult kind of guy. That’s me, one man band.

It might be a post-restoration shoot near your home while your car is absolutely pristine, or a group of five friends splitting the cost to get some shots of their dream drive in the Alps. Whatever your situation it's always great fun and we never fail to come away with incredible memories that clients are stoked they captured.

Thanks for reading, and know that I respond to every email personally.




P.S - If you’re into Audi’s I’m doing a thing next year going to be properly cool. Just email me and i’ll add you to the list