Pagani Huayra BC-1 WM.jpg

I know this blog is all about showing you detailed albums of the whole car - but there isn't always the opportunity to shoot as I'd like. Some days I'll be photographing a car and something amazing turns up out of the blue. Yesterday was one of those days. I was there to shoot a 1964 De Sanctis SP 1000 (check our youtube channel for the vlog) and I'd just arrived at Autodromo di Modena in Italy to a nice surprise.

It's about two and a half hours from my home and most of the trip was spent planning the shoot in my head, and telling myself not to forget to send a birthday message to my dad. When I arrived I said hello to the owner, let his crew unload the car and do their checks. The De Sanctis has been in the care of just one owner for the last 30 years, and after a long restoration of the car, yesterday was the first time they would drive the car properly. So they needed some time to get her ready, and I walked through the garage and onto pit lane, curious to see the track and thinking I'd record that birthday message. I got up on the fence to start recording and halfway through I see a Pagani Huayra (!) coming back from a lap. It's only a few seconds pulling into the garage but if you're desperate here's the clip.

Got lucky when the bloke I was working with stopped them to ask a question and let me frame the Pagani properly. Clearly with the 'dazzle' wrap it's some sort of special edition or test mule. So I asked the engineers on hand what they were getting up to and they replied "testing a new transmission and active differential". "They'll only make 20 of these" they mentioned casually. Must be the rumored Huayra BC - a hardcore version of the flagship car to remind folks that the Pagani makes the most desirable hypercars in the world. Cool cool. They politely asked me to stop shooting soon after this moment, and I was happy to oblige. I'd got a few snaps from the single fly-by that I was there for - "got enough to show the guys on the blog" I thought. Here's a retina version of that first shot for your desktop wallpaper.

PAGANI HUAYRA BC - 2880 x 1920 

You can see the very different, but no less incredible car I had actually come to Modena to shoot that day in VLOG #002 below!

Here's the rest of the shots from that memorable moment, a single fly-by with the V12 on full song down the straight. Awesome stuff.

Pagani Huayra BC 2.jpg
Pagani Huayra BC 3.jpg
Pagani Huayra BC 4.jpg
Pagani Huayra BC 5
Pagani Huayra BC 6